Publish Dates are a Casual Creator's Worst Enemy

Personal blogs around the world have articles of interest for a wide range of personalities, hobbies and industries. Content creators and authors write about what interests them, and like-minded people read that content with interest!

It's awesome, being able to send some small thought out into the world - and seeing someone appreciate it or connect with it.

But there's one thing most of these blog posts have in common: a publish date.

The publish date is the casual creator's worst enemy.

We all want to post frequently. We all have various reasons for falling short of that expectation.

Some of us are more casual about when we post articles, or we simply don't feel like pumping out new content every week. Others find it a constant grind to keep posting something useful.

For anyone that fits into the above category, publish dates are your worst enemy. They stare at you from your home page, begging you to write something new. But your mind comes up blank.

Your most recent article was 9 months ago. You MUST write something new! Otherwise it'll look abandoned, not worth reading.

Or, you could just ditch the date.

If your landing page doesn't show a date, no-one will know that it's outdated. No-one will know that you haven't posted in months, or years, or ... longer.

Unless you write a blog post like this one and tell everyone about it. Oops!

I don't write articles often. I don't want to write articles often. But those dates were staring me in the face, begging me to write something ... anything. So I removed them.

With visible dates, you're constantly under that pressure to write something new. There are probably a few mental health benefits associated with not even caring about writing a new post. Reduced stress, at least.

On the article page, you may decide to keep the date visible but to downplay its importance. I've moved my dates from above the article title, and now it's in small grey font at the very bottom. It's there if needed, otherwise - it's hidden.

I ditched it in favour of highlighting the actual content instead.

Perhaps you should consider doing the same.

If you have a counter-argument or a different point of view, it's most welcome. Simply @ me on Twitter & I'd love to chat about it.

Thanks for reading.

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