Laracon AU 2018

I had the opportunity to travel across to Sydney a few weeks ago and attend the inaugural Laracon AU in Sydney, Australia!

Thanks to Michael Dyrynda for being the main organiser, and the many sponsors mentioned at the bottom of the official website, without which I'm sure the convention would not have happened this year.

Among other talks from a range of excellent speakers, Taylor Otwell officially unveiled Laravel Telescope, which is a logging and debugging tool for Laravel applications. The primary developer was Mohamed Said. Less than a week later, it was released (laravel/telescope).

I took a few captures of the interface from my seat and posted an announcement on Twitter while at the event. You can see that here: @ShaneSmithAU: Laravel Telescope! (via @taylorotwell) #LaraconAU

In the near future I'll likely post more details on Laravel Telescope, and also the other product that was launched not too long ago: Laravel Nova (which I am now using as part of the back-end for this blog).

Most likely a future post for both of those will be the place that I dump my thoughts on how easy they are to set up, how practical it is to use them with my own applications, and how they stack up against similar tools that are available.

Do you have any thoughts on the convention, Laravel Telescope or Nova? Get in touch, as I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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