Release an MVP, ASAP!

Currently this blog is very much an MVP.

I first announced that I was working on an updated blog back on April 6th this year, and it has changed shape a few times in those 3 months:

  • The home page has changed from a grid to a simple timeline, with far larger images.
  • CSS framework was changed from Bulma to Tailwind.

However, despite that, there is still a lot that I plan to implement:

  • A dark mode would be nice to have!
  • Each blog post needs a dedicated page, so it can be linked to.
  • Comments are under consideration.
  • While I can create posts, I have to edit them manually at the moment in the database!

To be completely honest, this blog is very simple at the moment. There's a table containing a list of posts, and that's pretty much it. The contact page fires off an email when someone enters a message, using Vue.js for the (very simple!) front-end and to submit the request.

But, all of this is just fine. Why? Because without cutting those corners for now, it would have been another 3 months (or more!) before I pushed this thing out.

I decided that enough is enough - I had to push it out this weekend just gone, and so that is exactly what I did.

Being a perfectionist, that's not an easy decision to make.

Are you sitting on a project, slowly chugging away at it until you feel it's ready for release? Cut anything unnecessary and come up with a bare-bones MVP. Get it out the door. Get people's eyes on it!

Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment at doing so, but you'll also get a boost of motivation to continue working on it. And that's the best thing for the project.

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